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TORINO Men’s Wellington Boots | Rain Boots for Men | EVA Foam | Thermal Insulation | Outdoor Boots for Fishing, Hunting and Gardening | Waterproof Wellies

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The Torino men’s outdoor boots made of extremely light EVA foam are flexible and comfortable to wear.

They have been designed for all men who look for all-purpose rain boots that are resilient and can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. Rain, snow, freeze, strong sunlight… none of these can damage our heavy-duty wellington boots. If you like gardening, camping, hunting or mushroom, this is the right product for you.

The rain boots are made of resistant EVA foam, which is a state-of-the-art material which combines super light structure with high durability and sturdiness, even at extremely low temperatures. The material is water and UV-resistant and won’t get damaged even in contact with petrol, oil or dilutant.

The Torino men’s outdoor boots can be characterized by their extreme lightness. The foamy material is filled with air bubbles, which reduce its weight. One pair of our men’s wellies weights less than 1 lbs! Therefore, the boots are easy to transport.

Main characteristics of our heavy-duty wellington boots:

  • made of EVA foam,
  • colour: dark green,
  • three-layer linings,
  • non-slip outsoles,
  • water-resistance,
  • flexible material,
  • easy maintenance,
  • excellent shock absorption,
  • produced in EU.

These wellies are made for man who need all-purpose shoes for all-weather conditions. Thanks to the shock point system, all shocks are absorbed while you walk, so spending even several our in our wellington boots is not a problem.

The Torino wellington boots for men have warm linings that consists of three layers:

  1. ABSORPTION LAYER— it absorbs moisture and odours.
  2. ISOLATION LAYER — it lets vapour go through and keeps feet warm.
  3. NON-SLIP LAYER — it keeps linings in place in all conditions.

The Torino outdoor boots will meet the expectation of all active men who love spending time outdoors. If you are a fan of gardening, camping or fishing, you will surely value their sturdiness.

Product Details

  • SUPER LIGHT WELLINGTON BOOTS — These ultra-light outdoor boots for men are made of EVA foam which is comfortable to wear. The material is soft, resilient and able to withstand stress.
  • HIGH FROST RESISTANCE — Thanks to warm linings which are provided with these men’s wellington boots, you can wear them on icy days. They will protect your feet even when the temperature reaches -30 °C.
  • NON-SLIP SOLES AND SHOCK ABSORPTION — The Torino men’s wellies feature special non-slip soles and the shock point system. They absorb shocks, so you can comfortably walk on uneven surfaces.
  • EASY CLEANING — The materials used for the production of our waterproof wellies can be easily washed with wet cloth. The product can withstand different kinds of dirt, e.g., mud, oil and petrol.
  • VERSATILE USE — Use them while walking, gardening, fishing or camping. These all-purpose wellington boots can also replace your working boots, if you work outdoors.

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